Jimmy the Dog!

Jimmy the Dog!

If you have me on any of my Social Media sites you will already be aware that the Smith family had a new addition to the gang … everyone meet Jimmy the Dog!

My dad informed us all in October/November time that he was considering getting a new puppy. We were all over he moon as it’s been such a long time since we had a little furry friend in the family. We grew up with dogs all through our childhood – I had my own German Shephard beast called Indie at just a year old; then we had a little Black Lab called Skaid (Smith, Kirsti, Amanda, Ian, Debbie – all our names) and lastly we have Danny the gorgeous big Dobermann.

Danny was a huge part of our family and stayed in our lives for over 11 years; as you can imagine we were heart broken when he passed! I know everyone says this … but Danny was seriously the best dog ever! A gentle giant who loved us all so much – due to his huge impact on our lives and hearts we found it far too hard to replace him. As well as that lives got in the way and we didn’t ever find the right time for a new dog. I was moving out, Kirsti had Rhian and our dad had more responsibility at his own work .. anyway, time has seriously passed and my dad finally felt ready to bring in a new buddy for us all.

He researched breeds and eventually settled for a German Shorthaired Pointer (we love a German breed haha). We bought him books and he became the ultimate Pointer geek haha! Honestly, he had more knowledge than most breeders haha! He then did breeder research and eventually got in contact with a lady called Angela who lives near the Lake District (a fair trek for us).

On New Years Day Angela had contacted my Dad to let us know that 9 little pups had been born and arranged a time for us to come meet them in a month or so! Angela kept us up to date with weekly pictures which was lovely; we really felt part of their growth.

On the 9th of February my mum and dad travelled down to England to see and select their puppy of choice. I wanted to go to but again, if you have been on my social media recently you’ll know the hospital has become my second home haha!

It didn’t matter because my lovely parents sent me photos of my new wee pal and I was beyond excited for the next two weeks to fly in to meet him.

Feb 24th and my mum and dad were back in England picking up our little rascal. He travelled well all the way down as he slept and cuddled into my mum! I went straight over th my parent’s house as soon as they were all settled and just about burst into tears at how beautiful he was!!!

He took a shine to Rhian immediately and the pair of them will be the best of friends, I can tell. The next day I popped round to help out as I knew my mum and dad had a few bits ans bobs to get. This was lovely because I got to spend some time just us two – even though he slept for most of it haha!

Ahh well, that’s my big introduction to my little family pup! I hope you think he’s beautiful and cute just like us haha! I cannot wait until I take him up big hills and walks 😍💙 little Jimmy Smith – you are a total belter!!!

– Amanda x