The Liebster Blog Award (2)

The Liebster Blog Award (2)

Another Awards post here šŸ™‚ I love these posts as it helps you get to know other bloggers and helps to share a little about yourself too!

This time around I have been nominated by the lovely Steph Loves who is a positive and love sharing blogger – defo go check out her page!!

As you may already know the rules for this award are:

1 Answer the questions

2 Nominate 11 other bloggers who have relatively small amount of followers

3 Ask your 11 questions

4 Tag your nominees to let them know they have been selected

5 Make lots of friends!

The Questions

Steph’s questions were:

1 Do you own a pet, if so what breed and how old are they? – My mum and dad have just bought a new puppy, and although it’s not at my house we pretty much own the wee rascal too! His name is Jimmy and he is around 10 weeks old šŸ™‚ he is a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer and I recently posted about his arrival : JIMMY THE DOG!

2 3 of your favourite bloggers? – Three of my favourite bloggers have to be my two best friends and one of my lovely blogging buddies :

Cassay at –

Aly at –

Hayleigh at –

3 Why did you start blogging? – I started blogging to share my adventures around Scotland and Europe, since then it has grown to a no niche blog where I talk rubbish constantly haha!

4 What quote inspires you? – “Think of all the beauty still around you and be happy” – Anne Frank.

5 What is your favourite book? – Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh!

6 What would be the best advice you could give to a new blogger? – Blog about what males you happy, don’t follow the crowd and interact with others!

7 Do you have a favourite blog post of yours? – Hmm, I really like my travel posts but I’ll say my FAVOURITE is the day after my wedding! I was so full of happiness.

8 If you could give your past self one piece of advice, what would it be? – Get rid of negative people as soon as you can!! I am so happy with the people in my life and I felt I clung onto people for the wrong reasons when I was younger.

9 If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you like to go? – So many places in the world I want to visit! Iceland is defo up there though!!

10 What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2018? – By the end of 2018 I’m hoping to be in a new house with my wonderful family šŸ’•

11 Do you have an interesting fact about yourself? – I have loads of daft facts haha, an interesting one may be .. I won the ‘most likeable’ / ‘most friendly’ award every year at Academy! šŸ™‚

Thanks again to Steph for some amazing questions. Similarly to my post the other day; I’m not going to nominate people as I have did this award before – please get involved though!!

Here are some questions to get you in the mood:

1. What scares you?

2. How do you combat stress?

3. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

4. Do you have any travel plans for this year?

5. When was your happiest moment?

6. What could you not live without?

7. How do you feel about Spring coming?

8. Have you reached any 2018 goals already?

9. Do you have any tips on how to practise self-love?

10. Do you have any big challenges coming up?

11. Are you into any sports, fitness?


– Amanda x



  1. March 15, 2018 / 6:37 pm

    Congo… Following your blog do follow back please

  2. March 5, 2018 / 1:36 pm

    Congratulations on the award, it was lovely reading it though. xx

    • amandadunn1691
      March 5, 2018 / 4:53 pm

      Thanks babe šŸ™‚šŸ’™ xxxx

  3. March 5, 2018 / 12:08 pm

    Lovely answers! I hope you achieve your goal of finding and moving into your new home šŸ™‚

    • amandadunn1691
      March 5, 2018 / 4:54 pm

      Thanks so much šŸ™‚ currently trying to find a mortgage advisor to tell me what to do hahaha! Xxx

      • March 5, 2018 / 5:59 pm

        Good luck! My husband found an online mortgage simulator first, so that we knew roughly what we could afford before our meeting.

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