My Pregnancy – The First Trimester.

My Pregnancy – The First Trimester.

Hello everyone! First of all I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for all the lovely comments and kind wishes! You made announcing my news an exciting time, so cheers lads! πŸ’™

Anyway, I am now approaching 15 weeks and well past the terrible times of the First Trimester – these few months are the worst apparently!! It definately felt that way for me to be honest; I had so many things to worry about and the wait betwen scans felt like it was standing still. But luckily, we made it to the other side and now I’m full of excitement!

In this post I will chat about some of the high and low points in my First Trimester – if you are pregnant yourself, or already have a little bundle of joy please get in touch and let me know if you had a similar experience to me!

Finding Out – With going back to work after the Christmas break and starting a new hobby Crossfit I was completely knackered! Ofcourse, I put this down the the above events but as time went on in early January something didn’t quite feel right! I have always been an energetic person, doesn’t need a lot of sleep and generally a happy, upbeat girl. But as time went on in January, I would NEED naps as soon I got in from work, I would be emotional and I felt more faint than usual. My parents would joke that I was pregnant, but it wasn’t until I had missed my period Jamie and I decided to take a test … and ofcourse it showed POSITIVE! Jamie was over the moon, I on the other hand freaked out!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was happy, just in total shock! We found out on January 20th 2018 which dates us around 4 and a half weeks!

Week 5 – At around the size of an Orange Seed this little baby was causing havoc with my body! I had sharp cramping pains and needed to go into the hospital to check all was alright. They did an Ultrasound Scan, where a Yolk Sac was found but no baby as of yet.

Week 6 – At the size of a Sweet Pea this week was a little easier for me. I had my First Antenatal Appointment, and cramping pains had disappeared. I did, however, begin to feel sick all of the time! I barely eat this week and felt so tired all day, every day! It was at this point I needed to let my boss as I was running out my class every half hour being sick! The joys! πŸ˜‚

Week 7 – This was an excellent week for our little family. The little Blueberry sized baby was still making me very unwell most days but we were able to go back in for another scan! This time we found a tiny little baby with a strong heartbeat. We were over the moon and helped us to worry a little bit less. It was at this point we felt it was right to let our families know!

Week 8 – Our little baby was now the size of a Raspberry and on most accounts I felt pretty normal this week! I let me work colleagues know my news and it all started to feel a little real from this point.

Week 9 – We had a little scare this week, when I found the tiniest bit of blood when visiting the toilet. We contacted the midwife who explained this was normal as I was pretty constipated and my cervix is irritated at this stage! Our baby was now the size of a Grape and already I could feel my jeans getting tighter.

Week 10 – At the size of a Prune the little baby was again messing me about! My emotionals were (and still are actually) all over the place. I was happy one minute and then crying the next. I legit burst into tears one day because I forgot to bring my razor into the shower and needed to jump out to get it haha! Crazy antics!

Week 11 – Our little Lime sized baby was becoming to hard to hide this week. My belly was growing and people were beginning to notice within our friendship groups. We decided enough was enough and to announce to the world. We told Little Rhian first who was over-joyed! And then decided to post a Picture on Social Media on Mother’s Day. Everyone was so happy for us and it made everything seem pretty real!

Week 12 – Finally, we have reached the first milestone of the Pregnancy World!! Our Plum sized baby is continuing to grow and body is getting bigger every single day. Luckily it’s all Bump and Boobs just now! πŸ˜‚ Parents were coming into my school to congratulate me which was really nice and made me feel emotional AGAIN! We still needed to wait until 13.2 weeks until our dating scan so I have decided to announce to my little class after that!

Now that I have reached the end of the First Trimester I’m feeling pretty good. Not as sick or weak, and I’m not needing to sleep as much as I did before. Actually, my sleep is pretty hard to maintain now with the constant toilet visits and my growing belly getting in the way! I cannot wait to share the details of my dating scan with you all, and can’t wait to endure the rest of this adventure! Thanks again for all the support! πŸ˜πŸ’œ

How did you feel during your first trimester? Did you suffer like me? Share your thoughts and feelings!

– Amanda x