Kirsti’s Baby Shower!

Kirsti’s Baby Shower!

As most of you may know already, my beautiful younger sister is expecting her second baby in just a few short weeks – Due May 10th 2018. She has already graced us all with the arrival of little Rhian (who you all know and love) and is now bringing us a little baby boy!

I still cannot believe we are both pregnant at the same time, it feels like we are in a Chick Flick film hahaha! The past few months have been really good for us together as I have been able to see what she is going through, and not freak out too much about my future.

** Week 31 and 11 **

ANYWAY … As big sister, it was my duty along with some of Kirsti’s nearest friends to organise her a Baby Shower to celebrate the arrival of Baby McCormick! 🙂💙

Saturday 24th March 2018

Claire and I headed down to the Portman early to set the room up and decorate for the Baby Shower. It was good to see all our prep come together Kirsti’s day.

People started to arrive so Claire set up the music and I headed to get Kirsti, Rhian and my mum. Kirsti was all excited when she walked into the room and stuck on her sash! 🙂

We played a couple of games like “Who knows the Mummy best?” and I asked everyone to fill in the Guest Book and Advice Cards. We then had our amazing buffet!

It was then Gift time where we sat Kirsti down and she openned up a bunch of the gifts that people had brought. We then completed the party with a few more games where everyone brought a Baby Picture in and Kirsti had to guess who was who .. she didn’t even guess my picture hahaha! And the last game (my favourite) was the Nappy Game. I had filled nappies with some food to make it look like a dirty nappy and Kirsti had to smell / taste them and guess the ingredient haha. Everyone liked how real the nappies looked haha! I had filled them with Curry Sauce, Brown Sauce, Peanut Butter and Nutella.

We then gave people some free time to drink, mingle and I was the photographer. Here’s some of my favourites:

It really was a super day and I was so happy that Kirsti enjoyed her day. Claire and I were the perfect team organising this bash! I was never a fan of Baby Showers but after throwing this one for Kirsti it has made me kinda fancy a bash for Baby Dunn.

Did you have a Baby Shower? If so what were your favourite games?

– Amanda x