My Pregnancy – Sharing Pregnancy With My Sister.

My Pregnancy – Sharing Pregnancy With My Sister.

I know, I know. We are a real life Chick Flick film. The minute Kirsti announced she was pregnant we would joke that I would be pregnant alongside her … well 20 weeks later I was!

Kirsti and I were always close growing up; we played together, spoke about everything and more than anything stuck by each other! It didn’t matter what the other had done, we had each other’s backs and I doubt that will ever change! She truely is my best friend, even if we are like chalk and cheese! 😘💙

Anyway, Kirsti already has graced us all with the arrival of little Rhian (who we all know is a regular feature on this blog) and in Oct 2017 she announced to the world that she would bring us a little bouncing boy.

We were all over the moon, of course .. but then come January 2018 I had my own little announcement to share …

Kirsti more than anyone was so excited with our news; she was constantly asking how I was and feeding me lots of information to keep my head from stressing. From the moment I announced Kirsti and I decided we would try get some belly pictures to compare; and to share with the world.

Week 11 & 31

I definately look tiny (and pretty pale) compared to Kirsti here! Looking at these pictures make me so excited to have my own bump.

Week 13 & 33

This week we celebrated Kirsti’s Baby Shower so it was the perfect chance to get some bump to bump pictures. Kirsti is HUGE compared to me haha!

Week 15 & 35

This week Kirsti seriously dropped and it looks like she is about to go at any minute 🙂 I have also seriously popped and beginning to show! Of course little Rhian needed to get involved and show off her little tummy haha!

Week 18 & 38

This was our last full week pregnant together as Kirsti was booked into a section on the day she turned 39weeks. Baby John was lying breech for a long turn ans refused to turn around so a section was the best option for Kirsti! 🙂💙

Now that Baby John had arrived it feels so strange not being pregnant with Kirsti, but seeing his wee face is just amazing! 🙂

– Amanda x