My Pregnancy – The Second Trimester (Part 1).

My Pregnancy – The Second Trimester (Part 1).

Wow! I can hardly believe we have made it to this point already – 2/3s of the way through our pregnancy and getting bigger every single day!

As you read from my First Trimester post, I didn’t have the best time; I felt ill, I was sore and of course filled with worry 24/7! This trimester has been a little easier I suppose; with everything out in the open and feeling REAL it made it much easier to talk to people about anything I was worrying about! Anyway, on to the little weekly updates!

Week 13 – Week 13 was a crazy week for us!! I had a text over the weekend from my head teacher saying that some children in the school were suffering from Slap Cheek and Scarlet Fever; I let my doctor know and was immediately transferred to a different school. This totally upset my routine, but gave the chance to meet some new teachers at another school.

This was also the week of our official dating scan. We managed to see our much bigger baby – size of a lemon – move around and it made everything seem extra real.

We were also given a new due date which knocked two days off our 13th Week – so although this week was the shortest for us it was jam packed with great news and love!

Week 14 – Week 14 was the week I was finally allowed back in the school and I was able to announce my news to my little class! They were all super excited and told the whole school in a matter of minutes haha!

With the baby now the size of a peach, my little belly is also increasingly getting bigger, which is exciting now that everyone knows!

Last update for Week 14 was that Jamie and I made our first baby purchase!! As big Rangers fans we wanted to get the baby something to help him/her join the family properly haha. It’s great as my little sister’s baby will be brought up a Celtic fan, so they can have little arguements come Old Firm Day haha.

Week 15 – Week 15 was a super quick one for us. We started the week celebrating our first wedding anniversary back at our venue. It was so nice to have some quality time just us two. πŸ’™

We also travelled a little this week and visited a new country and city – AMSTERDAM! This was brilliant as we were able to get away together and I finally had enough energy to explore the city properly! I have created a separate post on our travels so have a nosey if you fancy.

And lastly we had our next scan date through and finally have something to look forward to again. Only 4 weeks and we get to see our baby again and possibly find out the gender. Baby is now the size of a Navel Orange.

Week 16 – At the size of an avocado my belly completely popped! I honestly cannot believe how big I am getting! This week was special because I had a Midwife Appointment and I finally heard the heartbeat. It was amazing to hear it beating away and made everything seem very real. The rate was 165bpm πŸ’•

Little Rhian stayed this week too which was amazing. I want to spend as much time with her as I can before her little brother arrives.

Week 17 – Back to work this week sadly and I am back to being completely knackered! I am so achy and tight and feel like I need a huge stretch! My wee class also think I am massive :

Week 18 – This week was the last week my sister and I would be pregnant together as she has her section planned for the following week! I also feel 100times better and almost be normal self!

We were able to visit the Baby and Toddler’s Show which game me loads of ideas of things to buy when we finally start to purchase baby items.

Week 19 – Week 19 was an amazing week for us! Firstly, we heard back from our Downs Syndrome test which was LOW RISK; and we were able to welcome our gorgeous little nephew into the world.

He really is a cracker and made us even more excited about our little baby!!

Week 20 – Week 20 was a huge milestone for Jamie and I! We had reached the half-way mark, we have a big scan and we found out the gender of our little baby!

With all the amazing new on how well our litts one was doing we decided to FINALLY go some baby shopping and ended up picking our Pram, Cot and a load of other goodies!

I’m hoping the next 8 weeks are as exciting as these last few! Will update you again in a few weeks! πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸΌ

– Amanda x