Amsterdam, Holland.

Amsterdam, Holland.

It feels like ages since I wrote up a travelling blog post .. 😩 but anyway; Jamie and I went to Amsterdam! πŸ™‚

Amsterdam is a city I have ALWAYS wanted to visit and I was so happy that we finally had the chance to go! At this point I was 15 weeks pregnant and everything was pretty rosey, so there was no nerves about travelling (unlike the time we missed our flights to Berlin).

We left around 1pm and the short flight went past pretty fast! When we arrived we tried to make sense of the transport and headed into the city centre. We had planned to visit the Anne Frank museum, but sadly they would not let us in with our cases! 😩 We decided to head back to the hotel, freshen up and get prepared for our first night in the Dam!

Our first tourist stop was the Amsterdam IceBar! It was freeeeeeezing!!

We then headed out for a big dinner and explored the city at night!

The next day was a pretty busy one. We went on a big tour bus to see all the main sights of the city and stopped first at the Heineken Museum. Here we were able to learn about the brewing process and pour our own pints. Ofcourse Jamie had to drink all of mine (he wasn’t complaining).

From there we headed to the Museum Square on the hunt for the huge iAmsterdam Sign, Rijksmuseum and some food!

We decided to take a canal tour on the way back into the centre and heading to Anne Frank’s House. Unfortunately, we had separate tickets – Jamie headed in first and when I went to enter my ticket was void!! I was not happy at all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was the main attraction that I wanted to see but oh well – gives us an excuse to come back I suppose. Jamie says it was amazing inside where you were able to see the pathway into her hiding place and some original items.

Afterwards we tried to grab as many sights as we could before heading home the next day. We visited the Sex Museum, Ripleys and the Waxworks.

And ofcourse, we had another latge stroll through the city and the Red Light District.

Our trip was amazing as we were able to do a lot of walking and I wasn’t too big or tired! If you ever get the chance to visit Amsterdam defo give it a go!

– Amanda x