My Pregnancy – The Second Trimester (Part 2).

My Pregnancy – The Second Trimester (Part 2).

Hello again.

I have been pretty terrible on the Blog Front so I do apolgise; but as you can imagine Inhave been pretty busy haha. On my last update post, I spoke about the first half of trimester two which was the best part of my pregnancy so far: I was able to see and hear my baby in scans, I was able to find out the gender and I welcomed my gorgeous little nephew into the world.

I will crack on and update you with the last eight weeks and what I have been doing in preparation for my third and final trimester!

Week 21 – On Week 21 Jamie headed on holiday with the lads for a Stag Do, which allowed me to spend a load of time with my amazing family!

It was also the week I announced the gender of my baby to my lovely little class. They were all excited when they found out we were having a little boy!

Week 22 – I had another midwife appointment this was where I brought my wee mum! We were able to hear the heartbeat again and found out that he is moving around quite a bit in there! It was lovely for my mum to hear the heartbeat and have her be a big part of this!

Jamie and I also started househunting this month. We have been saving for ages and with this little boy coming it finally gave us the motivation to get out there and start viewing bigger houses (with the support from my dad). We found one that we really loved and hoping to put an offer in soon.

Week 23 – This was BIRTHDAY WEEK! My birthday is the 1st of June so unsurprisingly this week was spent celebrating my 27th!

Jamie and I also decided to put an offer into the house we loved and it was accepted!!! I’m not going to start celebrating until papers are signed and the keys are in my hands but all is looking good!!

Week 24 – My back is breaking!! Honestly though, I’m only 24 weeks and feeling the pains already! How on Earth am I going to cope over the next 16+ weeks?? 😩😩 Scotland is in the middle of a heatwave too, so I’m doubly tired haha!

We visited the house and we are hoping to get in contact with solicitors! 🀞🏼

Week 25 – Scotland has been the warmest ever! It is so sunny this week and apparently ment to continue over the next few weeks. As you can imagine I have been enjoying all the sunshine I can get.

Other than that I have just been starting to tidy up my classroom ready for the Summer. Only a few weeks to go!

Week 26 – My gorgeous little niece graduated from nursery this week. She is getting so big so fast and I can’t believe she is heading into Primary 1 after the Summer. Well done wee pal! πŸ’™

It was also my Work Day Out this weekend. All the workies looked amazing and definately enjoyed themselves haha! I stayed for the food and a couple of Mocktails before headed home.

The pain in my back and tailbone has also got worse this week and I’m starting to just feel uncomfrotable ALL THE TIME! I doubt it is going to get any easier haha!

Week 27 – School is finally out for the Summer!! We have officially packed up our classrooms and waved goodbye to our little classes! Strange to think that when we go back I will only have 4 weeks until my due date.

At the end of this week it was my friend Natalie’s Hen Party. She gets married next week and it was great to be with all the girls ahead of the wedding.

Other than that I have been enjoying the sunshine. I cannot believe we have have a full month of solid sun! Long may it continue!

Week 28 – At the tail end of this week my good friend Jordan got married and we attended to full wedding. It was really nice and an amazing day for us all!

This week Jamie finally managed to come to an ante-natal appointment with me and hear the heartbeat for the first time! Baby is measuring two weeks ahead so the midwives are gonna keep an eye out for his growth paterns. He is also moving into his head-down position.

Jamie and I have also officially signed off all the paperwork to the new house! Lots of packing to fo over the next few weeks!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘

And that’s it .. I am officially in my third and final trimester! I am starting to get very excited but sooooo scared at the same time. I do not feel prepared at all haha! Maybe when we are in the house and starting to decorate I will feel better? Hopefully haha!

Thanks again for keeping up to date with my growing baby and I cannot wait to update you lot again in the next few weeks! 😍

– Amanda x