Friends Fest!

Friends Fest!

Who doesn’t love Friends? 😍

As you can probably tell I am a huge Friends fan and have been since I was very young. No other show has made me cry and laugh the way it has and like most people I quote lines on a daily basis.

So when I heard that Friends Fest was coming to Glasgow I bullied Jamie into coming along with me haha! He does like the show so he didn’t object too much haha.

We arrived at around 1pm and headed into the large field in Victoria Park. There were big stalls all around with famous moments and scenes for us all to queue up and get your photo taken. Here are some of my favourites:

Jamie and I outside the famouse Central Perk.

All the scenes were run well and we did not need to wait long at all to get through them.

We had a little bit of time before our studio tour so Jamie grabbed a coffee and we enjoyed some of the Best Bits on th large screen.

Eventually, we got called into the large hall with the Appartment sets. I was so excited for this part! Honestly, felt like a wee lassie again haha. It started by showing us some real props from the show and talking about how much these items are worth.

Then we walked round into Joey and Chandler’s Appartment!!

Seeing Pat the Dog was my highlight of the full day haha! We then walked through the corridor and into Monica’s Appartment.

And finally we trotted “across the road” to Ross’ Appartment.

The amount of people shouting Unagi was frightening hahaha!

Overall, I had a great wee day with Jamie. As you all know I enjoy travelling to different cities and throughout this pregnancy I felt I can’t venture too far – so days out like this mean the world to me.

– Amanda x