My Pregnancy – The Third Trimester.

My Pregnancy – The Third Trimester.

Hello again everyone! πŸ™‚

I am finally in the third trimester and have leas than 12 weeks left until the big Due Date. At this point I feel like the past 29 weeks have complety flown by. No doubt the next few months will drag in but so far I cannot believe I am due to have a tiny human in my car very soon. Scary, I know!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anyway .. on with the update:

Week 29 – After celebrating our friend’s wedding last week, Jamie and I had a few days off together. We decided to visit the Friends Fest (will talk about in a separate post) which was amazing. I reckon Jamie was fed up of my my quotes towards the end of the day though!

Pregnancy wise, the heartburn is killing me! The doctor suggested I take some Gaviscon at night to help me sleep better, which is defo making an impact. Baby is also moving around a lot more and actually beginning to hurt me with him pokes and turns haha.

Week 30 – What a week this has been!! Jamie has been pretty ill over this week but hasn’t really had much time to rest because … we bought a house!!! Finally we have the keys and the hard work can start!

Within a couple of days we have the upstairs rooms scraped and walls were being knocked down haha!

On the whole pregnancy front, I have been pretty shattered! I have been mucking in with the house and constantly getting shouted at from Jamie and my Dad to “rest” but it’s hard when you’re living in a buildng site!

Week 31 – We have had the house a week and already so much is getting done. Hoping to have all the upstairs COMPLETE for the baby coming and concentrate on the downstairs will into next year!

This week I have been pretty emotional! I have cried almost every single day over nothing and starting to feel a bit sorry for myself haha! I have been in a lot of pain this week too as I feel like baby is starting to put pressure down below and hopefully getting into his final position!

Week 32 – Such a busy week! A lot was getting done with the house; I had some important midwife appointments and my amazing family threw me a surprise Baby Shower!

We had our routine antenatal appointment and the midwife told us that the baby was measuring 3/4 weeks ahead!! Due to this we needed to get a growth scan. We need to go back in a few weeks for another scan to see how little man is doing!

On the last day of Week 32 my amazing wee family managed to surprise me with a Baby Shower. Baby Dunn and I were spoiled rotten and I had the best time. I will post a separate Baby Shower but the full day was simple amazing.

Week 33 – Quite a quiet week after the hectic one last week! I started to prepare my hospital bags and Jamie and I were able to pick up our car seat for little Baby Dunn’s arrival!

As well as that I tried to enjoy the last of my Summer Holidays with my family and continue to work away at the house.

Week 34 – We had another growth scan today to check up in the little man’s development. He is currently weighing 6lb 1oz and measuring about 3 Weeks ahead of schedule! As nothing was too alarming we scheduled another growth scan for a fortnights time and then look at delivery options. Jamie couldn’t make this scan so I was able to bring my wee mum with me!

At the end of the week Jamie and I headed to Manchester for the weekend. We visited Old Trafford and watched Liam Gallagher live! πŸ™‚ The concert was amazing but my feet were absolutely agony at the end of the night haha!

Week 35 – Back to work this week which was good to see all the little cheribs again. As well as that our little Rhian officially started school. She is a big Primary One and had an amazing first week!

More work was being done around the house and slowly but surely we are getting there. I was so excited about getting some of Baby Dunn’s clothes washed and hung out – made everything seem real.

Week 36 – A big week for the Dunn household!! I had another growth scan and the news was exciting/scary. πŸ™‚ He is currently weighing 7lb 6oz (huge for this stage) and still measuring ahead. Due to this the midwives have advised that I shouldn’t go the full 40 weeks – instead I will get a sweep in two weeks and then induced! Baby Dunn is on his way!!!

Week 37 – After finding out I wouldn’t be going the full 40 Weeks, I decided to finish up with work and try to relax a little before Baby Dunn arrives.

Week 38 – THE HOUSE IS COMPLETE! Well the upstairs is all done haha! Final paint jobs, carpets fitted and furnature building were all completed this week. Just in time for our little man!

Week 39 – BABY DUNN HAS ARRIVED! πŸ’™πŸ˜Œ I will explain all in my emotional and stressful Birth Story! πŸ™‚πŸ’™

– Amanda x