My Birth Story.

My Birth Story.

The biggest question I have had since bringing little Jack into the world is “Is it like One Born Every Mintute?” … NO! It’s 10x more horrific, and long and shattering but 100% worth every single second!

All the way through my third trimester my baby bump was measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule – my bump was huge and midwives expected a big baby to go with it. Due to this I required growth scans every two weeks to check on the little baby and make sure all was well. Towards the end of my pregnancy, the midwives agreed that I shouldn’t wait the whole 40 weeks and decided to induce my labour at 39 weeks. I was pretty excited at the thought of meeting my little man, but also a bit upset to wave goodbye to pregnant life.

At the start of my pregnancy I was miserable. I felt ill, fat and sore. But as time went on I loved my big bump and even now I miss the feeling of carrying my baby around.

Anyway, the time had come and Jamie and I packed up our bags and headed into our local hospital. I was given a membrane sweep and my first course of oxytocin. Around 6 hours later the procedures were repeated and I finally started to feel something. It felt strange – like bad period pains but longer. I tried to take my mind off it all by walking the corridors, bouncing on my ball, watching Netflix and listening to the dreadful chat from Jamie!

Eventually (around 10pm) my waters broke! It was such a weird feeling. The midwives quickly checked me out and told me to try wait patiently until there was a space in the labour ward. This took agesssss! We didn’t get into the labour ward until 6pm the next day (20 whole hours). We were both absolutely shattered.

We arrives at the labour ward, got hooked up to the pitocin IV drip and preped for giving birth. We called my mum around 10pm when I was in active labour and reached 4cm.

All was going well – I was feeling steady contractions but not too much pain. I was allowed some Gas and Air to take the edge off if I needed it but all was going well. Around 1am on the Wednesday morning I was given another internally … this is when it all changed.

I had reached 6cm but a pocket of waters were found behind the baby. The midwife had to reach into and manually burst my waters. THIS WAS AGONY!! Like beyond agony. I have no idea why it hurt so much. Anyway, I freaked out. Like totally freaked out. I was jumping around the room; in tears and begging Jamie to stop it all. I had officially lost the plot. 😂

Eventually the gave me an epidural and all was well in the world again haha! Poor Jamie though. He looked after me so much that as soon as I was alright he felt faint and needed to be wheelchaired out the room haha. He got some well deserved rest when he came back!

The epidural made everything good again and I spent the next 5/6 hours watching television and talking gibberish (I was absolutely knackered and starving). My next internally showed that I was fully dilated and ready to push BUT little Baby Dunn had decided to turn his head and was stuck. Instead of taking me into theatre straight away the routinely checked him out every hour until finally decided to give me an emergency c-section at 10am.

We were taken into theatre and scrubbwd up. I was so scared and sooo weak. Within minutes our little boy was here and my immediate thought was how much he looked like Jamie’s Dad! 😂

I had to wait a long time until I was allowed out of theatre as my heart started to play up. I have needed several ECGs since. Eventually, we were allowed into a ward and our families were able to come visit the newest family member!Two days later I was finally allowed home! It was the best feeling ever walking out of the hospital with our little man!– Amanda x