Online Personalities That Helped Me Become A Mum.

Online Personalities That Helped Me Become A Mum.

Hello everyone. 🙂

Thanks so much for all the love on my past two posts introducing my little Jack and sharing my Birth Story. It really has been the most amazing 10 Weeks already!

Today’s post is going to future 7 Wonderful ladies who have helped me through my pregnancy and get prepared for Mum Life.

Jennifer Joy

I’m starting with my favourite lady! 🙂 Jennifer is a mum of two (Ralph and Olivia) and was pregnant at the same time as me for a short period of time. I found Jennifer originally when I searched ‘house tour’ videos. Herself and her fiance were extending their home and making it look like a palace. I loved her House Tour video so had a nosey at her page, where I found out she was pregnant. I immediately added her to me “Pregnancy Update” video lists that I watched alongside my own progression!

Since having Jack I have continued to watche her Day in the Life videos and have already learnt so much from her! She is amazing! She is in fact the ONLY person on Youtube that I have taken the time to go back and watch ALL of her earlier videos.

Jennifer recently posted a video on Post Natal Depression, and at that point in time I was feeling a lot of the same symptoms. This really helped me with my own emotions and has helped me recover fully! Please give her a nosey – she will brighten up your day! 😊

Visit Jennifer on: YOUTUBE / INSTAGRAM

Hayleigh Meg

This lady is a superstar! I have spoken to Hayleigh a long time; before I was pregnant actually. She was one of the first people I told I was pregnant and her suppport was amazing. She blogs and posts regularly on Mum Life, her amazing Disney Princess career and most importantly Mental Health.

She has helped me through a lot and helped me to realise that “it’s ok not the feel ok”. Above all other online personalities she is the most supportive.

Visit Hayleigh on: HER BLOG / INSTAGRAM

Katie Easton

Katie was one of the first people I spoke to through blogging. She immediately showed me some support and pointed me in the right direction with interacting with other Scottish bloggers. She blogs a lot about her little family and is now the owner of The Mighty Mama Fitness Hub. A place to offer physical and emotional support for parents.

Visit Katie on: HER BLOG / INSTAGRAM

Yvonne Somerville

This lady is HILARIOUS! Honestly, her Instagram Stories give me life haha! She is another Scottish mum who enjoys blogging about her mum life. My favourite thing about Yvonne is how trueful she is about her life, her parenting skills and her emotions.

She is a great influence for body positivity and helps to encourage other ladies to love the body they are in! She is also part of a Book Club that helps us mums have us Me-Time and unwind with a good book!

Visit Yvonne on: INSTAGRAM

Sarah – This Mama Life

Another amazing Scottish lady on Youtube! I found Sarah through the Channel Mum family. I watched her weekly uploads of her second born child and found I related to her the most out of all the ladies. She posts lot of videos about her little family and how they get by while missing the man of the household.

This is documented in such a heart warming way – Letters to Dada. Recently, she surprised her two children with a trip to Dubai to see their Dad after 4 Long Months.


Emily Norris

This beautiful lady has three boys and a husband Matt – totally outnumbered in her home but must feel like a princess! Again, I found Emily on the Channel Mum family and watched her pregnancy updates but found I was more drawn to her Routine and Baby Update videos. I have watched her almost every day since Jack was born and used her Newborn Routine as a rough guide for little Jack.

She also posts Mum Hacks that make life so much easier. Emily is another lady that documented her House Renovation and has given me a lot of inspiration when decorating my own home.


Charlotte Taylor

And last but certainly not least Miss Charlott Taylor! She is huge in the Youtube World and was even watched by my husband during our pregnancy. Charlotte has two little boys and a gorgeous wee girl – Bill, Daisy and Stanley. Again she posts loads on her family and baby and pregnancy updates; but she also documented how she coped after little Daisy had trouble as a baby. She was so strong and a total inspiration.

My favourite Charlotte videos are her Weekend Vlogs due to her amazing editting. She makes you feel like you spent the weekend with her!

Visit Charlotte on: YOUTUBE / INSTAGRAM

  • I hope you enjoyes this post and go have a nosey at the lovely ladies. Let me know if you like them all and perhaps point me to any other Mum Vloggers.
  • – Amanda x
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