My Newborn Baby Essentials (0-3Months).

My Newborn Baby Essentials (0-3Months).

Becoming a Mum is the best thing to ever happen to me, but the lead up was pretty stressful at times. One of the things I found most daunting was trying to find the best products to help my little one thrive.

I felt a little pressured to get some items that I could see all over social media but most were too expensive, too big or not practical. Nonetheless, I did manage to select my Top 10 items that I could not live without for my little newborn.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

This item is a total lifesaver. Jamie and I decided to bottle feed Jack and originally planned to make our bottles using the kettle. This was fine to begin with but with the unpredictable feeding and the time it took to cool the bottle it began to annoy me! My little sister let us borrow her Prep Machine and we will never go without it again!

It provides a hot shot of water to dissolve your powder formula and then tops up with colder water which concludes with the perfect milk temperature for your little one. This is made in two minutes (at most) and is brilliant for those early, unpredictable days.

Tommee Tippe Anti Colic Bottle

Little Jack suffered with terrible wind problems in his early weeks. He would take ages to burp and would wake ul in pain with trapped wind. We tried so much to help him and were told to reconsider what bottles we were using. A few other Companies share Anti-Colic/Reflux bottle but my husband felt most comfrotable sticking with Tommee Tippee.

These bottles have made a huge difference to the way Jack feeds. Less air bubbles are trapped in the milk due to the clever tube within the bottle which means he is swallowing less air. His burping has also improved greatly and no longer is he hurting through the night. If we ever have another baby I will be starting with these bottles straight away.

Angel Care Bath Support

I love this product!! Originally Jamie and I thought we would buy a Baby Bath that you move around the house, and then I saw this amazing bath support! You use it within the bath as a little seat and I feel it will help get Jack into a proper bathing routine. It also enables us to share a bath with Jack if we want to.

The bath support is lightweight, bright and easy to clean. I really love it and will definately buy the next Angel Care Bath product when Jack is able to hold up his own head at ease.

Johnsons Bedtime Bath

Sticking with the Bathtime theme I absolutely love Johnson Bedtime Bath products. Jack has pretty sensitive skin and I felt scared about trying different products on him in the bath. However, the bath seemed to wake him up and get him in the mood for playing rather than settle and calm him down for down.

When we eventually gained the courage to use a product, I grabbed the first bottle I could from the large collection I recieved from my Baby Shower and threw it in the bath. Afterwards, Jack cuddled up, drank his bottle and literally konked out. I couldn’t believe it. I checked out the bottle and discovered it was Johnsons Bedtime Bath which helps sooth babies into a slumber! Never looked back!

Nappy Caddy

This was a total random buy but has become my most used product. This nappy caddy lives in my living room as this is where we spend most of our time, and it is home to all of my nappy changing essentials. It’s great as everything is there to grab easily and csn be moved around the house easily.

Ewan the Sheep

In the early days we used this religiously! It really helped to settle Jack down if he startled and woke himself up. It has four different sounds to mirror white noise; heartbeats and a lullaby. It also has a great feature which detects sounds and starts playing the noise automatically for 20minutes.

Jack is becoming a better sleeper and isn’t waking as much through the night but having Ewan there gives me peace of mind and an extra hand when he is being particularly gurny.


This elephant has a lot of sentimental emotion attached to it. Weeks before Jack arrived Jamie’s Gran Moira passed away. She was so excited about becoming a Great Granny and unknown to us she had bought this little elephant teddy for Jack. Since we have recieved it I have seen it EVERYWHERE!

It is perfect for tummy time as it helped to prop him up until his neck muscles were strong enough and now he like to snuggle into it during daytime naps. We named the toy Mo to help remember Moira and let Jack get to know her when he is a bit bigger.

East Coast Counting Sheep Bouncer

Another popular product on the market; and for good reason! Jack absolutely loves his bouncer! He used it for cat naps when he was tiny and now he uses it to bounce and paw any hanging toys. He will be more than happy in this for long periods of time!

The product itself is easily built; easy to clean and plays music to help entertain your little one. A defo must buy.

Black and White Books

I am totally obsessed with books. I read lots as a child; read to my pupils every day and now passing my love onto little Jack. I have read books to him every night as part of his bedtime routine but these little books were the first thing he properly started to focus on. His little eyes would move with the book and he even started to reach out and grab them.

Babies see black and white patterns before other colours so this is a great way to improve their eyesight; focus and concentration skills.

Baby Sleeping Bag

At first Jamie and I swaddled Jack when he went to bed but pretty quickly he started to wake up unbinded and free haha. He was a total wriggler and it didn’t matter how tightly he was wrapped up, he would escape through the night haha. We bought a GroSnug to help transition him into a Sleeping Bag but he outgrew it pretty fast haha. He is a bigggg boy!

He did sleep better in the GroSnug though so we bought a Sleeping Bag to elimate the blankets and it’s the best decision we have made. He sleeps so well in it and I never need to worry about him being too cold or overheating.

All of these products have seriously helped Jack and I and I hope they can help some of you too. Do you have any other essential products I could get/use?

– Amanda x