Jack Updates : 0-3 Months.

Jack Updates : 0-3 Months.

I cannot believe my little Jack has been in our lives for over 3 Months now. Already he is progressing into a strong and hilarious wee guy and I love him even more than I first anticipated. He truely is the BEST m to ever happen to me.

As you all know his arrival into this world was pretty dramatic. I had a difficult labour and he really took his time to come and meet us. The first few days felt like a dream as I was stuck in the hospital but eventually Jamie and I were able to take our little man home and start the best adventure we have ever taken part in.

0-1 Months

This was by far the best month as Jamie was off his work. It was great spending every day with him and tackling the first few weeks of parenthood as a team!

We had some family days out as the sun was still shining and we had A LOT of visitors. Everyone was so excited about the arrival of little Jack and like us, couldn’t get enough of him.

1-2 Months

This was a big month for me mentally. Jamie had returned to work and I found life with a newborn pretty hard! I was totally in love with him and being with him meant everything to me but the time I was alone I was incredibly low and desperately needed a pick-me-up. Luckily my sister and my mum came to the rescue and badically forced me out of the house haha. Quickly I was back to normal! 🙂

This month hosted a lot of development miles stones too. Jack could now smile, giggle and roll over! The smiling grew more often and bigger and now he will not stop!

2-3 Months

The difference in this little man this month has been CRAZY! He is sooo big, already over a stone in weight and can lie on his belly at ease. He spends most of his awake time on his front watching tele and grabbing out for his toys. He is “talking” so much and even trying to sit up on his own.

Another huge milestone this month is the fact that he has a tooth coming through – an actual tooth haha. My little lad has an actual tooth pushing it’s way out haha!

So HAPPY 3 MONTHS little Jack. Cannot wait to update you all on his next few months. He is the best! 💙

Amanda x