Jack Updates: 4 Months

Jack Updates: 4 Months

Hello all. 🙂

Little Jack is now 20 Weeks old so I thought I’d best get on with his 3-4 Month Update.

Milestones this Month:

Jack has honestly cracked so many milestones throughout this month. He has spent the full day away from us on a few occassions – always staying with one of our parents. We are not quite ready for his to sleep over though; maybe wait a littlw while for that haha. He is smiling A LOT and is doing a muted laughing – cannot wait for the proper chuckles to be a frequent thing. He is rolling over constantly – still to master the front-to-back roll though.

Special Events:

This month Jack celebrated his first Christmas. It was quite a quiet one which was perfect for us. After spending the morning as a family of 3, Jamie, Jack and I Jamie’s his family. We then came home and had our Christmas Dinner (which Jamie cooked) and later visited my Mum and Dad. My sister’s family were round at this time too which gave me the chance to see my gorgeous niece and nephew.

Eating & Sleeping:

These two things have been a struggle this month! Honestly exhausted. The week before Jack was 4 Months, he started to show signs of the 4 Month Sleep Regression. It totally messed up his routine and make him pretty grouchy for a lot of the time. He started waking up almost every hour for comfrot which our sleep pretty much non-existant. We were planning on properly sleep training Jack this month but as he can only roll one way we felt it was safer to wait until he is confident both ways as he likes to turn and sleep on his stomach – if we are awake when he does this we attempt to turn him back round. Eating was just as stressful to be honest. Jack was constantly being sick and giving me so much laundry to work through. The GP believes Jack has a touch of Reflux and gave us some Gaviscon to help it out. It helped a little but made him so constipated. Instead he is now trying a course of Ranitide and we are hoping it makes a difference.

Jack Loves:

He is so much more alert and trying to put everything to his mouth. He also loves his Baby Groups and spending time with his cousins. He has started to cuddle you back and try to touch your face whenever he is being held. He loves his Matchstick Monkey and it seems to be making a big difference to his sore teeth.

– Amanda x