WBC 6 – Ten Years From Now.

WBC 6 – Ten Years From Now.

Week Six of my Blogging Challenge and I think this is the hardest one yet. I’m not the best for looking far into the future, much more a here and now type of person, but ofcourse I’m going to give it a bash.

Scary to think that in 10 Years time Jamie and I will be approching 38; Jack and John approaching 10 and Rhian will be 15. That makes me feel sick haha. My little niece sitting exams and almost being aged to leave school!

Anyway, on with my 10 Year Goals ..

Family: In 10 Years time I hope to be celebrating my 12 Year Marriage Anniversary with Jamie – 20 Years together in total. I hope we have a brought Jack up to be a kind and caring little 9 Year Old; and fingers crossed Jack has one or two little brothers or sisters to play with. In an ideal world we would have 3 Children in total, but I’m pretty content with my wee lad.

Work: There’s no way I would leave my job as a teacher – I love it way too much. My plan is to go part time at some point, perhaps when I have more children BUT in 10 Years time Jack and any other children we have will be at school and much more self-efficient; therefore I’d hope to be in a promoted post in my current school. Being a PT would allow me to have more authority and develop my experience.

Home: If I’md honest, I hope not much changes with my home. Ofcourse I hope the house is completely finished and fit for our family, but the location is pretty much perfect!

My Hopes: In 10 Years time I hope I have seen a lot more of the world. I hope to travel to different countries with my family. I hope all my extended family are happy and we are all still as close as we are now. I hope we have stayed a fair amount of money to feel comfrotable. I hope Rangers get back to winning ways. And lastly, I hope all the people I love are still with us, are all healthy, and are all doing well for themselves.

– Amanda x


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