10 Things I Love About Jamie.

10 Things I Love About Jamie.

Happy Valentines Day to you all. I hope you all had a great time with your significant other or had a blast out with your friends/family.

I myself have never really been a big fan of Valentines Day – as you know I’m not the most romantic person and luckily I have picked to spend my life with someone who prefers to slag me rather than spill out his heart! We are the perfect match haha!

Last year I wrote a post on things that I Love and a lot of people enjoyed getting to know me a little more through my interests. This year I decided to turn my attention towards my husband and attempt to think of 10 things or reasons as to why I love him – I’ll be struggling! We did a smaller version of this on our wedding where we each shared 3 Reasons why we loved each other and in true Jamanda fashion the ceremony spectators spent more time laughing rather than “aww-ing” haha.

  1. I love Jamie because of our shared interest in football – Rangers Football Club in particular. As small children our Dad’s brought us up to support the team and as we grew older so did our love for them. For the last decade we have sat beside each other at Ibrox and travelled across Scotland to cheer on the squad.
  2. He is the best Uncle to Rhian. Seeing him and her together is what made me 100% that I wanted children with him.
  3. When I was pregnant he was known for how protective he was over me and my bump. I used to get annoyed at him, especially when he tried to advise me not to go to an Old Firm and to see Liam Gallagher haha. But now looking back I can see he only wanted what was best for me and little Jack. He would go out of his way to make sure I was feeling alright and tried his best to be there for anything pregnancy related. I honestly believe he was more excited than me for most of it.
  4. He is such a good friend. This isn’t about our friendship, I mean the one he has with the lads. He goes out of his way to talk to the boys that are feeling down and seems to be one that is always there to listen. We all know that with a drink in him he’s a right crabbit bam but come the morning he is apologising to anyone that he may of upset. Sometimes I believe he loves his pals more than me haha. Seriously though, this is Valentines Weekend and instead of treating me he is taking Kenny away on a surprise trip haha! As well as being a good pal, I think Jamie is a good son, always taken time to spend with his parents and again always tried to talk if there is anything bothering them.
  1. I also love Jad because of his daft sense of humor. He is a funny lad with the worst jokes on the planet (that’s why him and my Mum get along so well). He finds the strangest things funny and always seems to get us to do the daftest things. A few people now have said Jamie should have his own Youtube Channel where he simply talks about the rubbish that floats about in his head. Honestly, it would make him millions haha.
  2. Continuing on from the hilarity, he is a top notch weirdo. Like seriously, a freak. Laughs at non-funny things and events; says the most inappropriate things and has the strangest habits ever. During our wedding the biggest topic in our best men speeches were how much of a weird person Jamie was haha.
  3. I love Jamie because he likes to cook for me. He doesn’t do it all the time, but when he does it is amazing. I am a rubbish cook, I can make the basics and keep us alive but Jad has the patience to read/watch a recipe and make meals from scratch. My favourite dishes are his Jadsagne, his BaconMacCheese and his home made Big Mac! If he had more hours in the day he would be cooking for us for the rest of our lives.
  4. Anyone that knows Jamie well, knows he is a huge worrier. I’m not going to go into too much detail for obvious reasons but just understand that he gets very anxious from time to time, lets things build up and then gets really stressed out when it gets too much. Luckily, I have known him for a long time and we don’t let it get in the way of us but, one of the reasons I love Jad is for how he has learned to deal with it. He now talks more when he is worried about things, tried not to bottle things up, he is honest with himself and gives himself time to relax when he needs a break, and he takes time away from work if he needs to. I’m so proud of how he has learnt to deal with hs stress and happy he doesn’t let it get to him the way it used to.
  5. Here’s the big one!! I love Jamie because he is an amazing Dad! He absolutely worships Jack and does everything he can to make him smile. When Jack was born Jamie was clueless when it came to babies, but since then his confidence has sky rocketed and he is a whizz at feeding, holding, changing and entertaining Jack. Jack gets so excited when Jamie gets home from work and it makes me so happy to see Jamie be his big daft self with Jack. He helps me out so much and tries his best to deal with the sleepless nights. All in all he is the best parenthood partner I could ask for!
  1. And last but certainly not least, I love Jad because he is my best pal. He have been best buddies for years, and as we grew closer we eventually developed into a couple. We have the same morals, the same sense of humor and we both want similar things in life. On the opposite end of the scale we balance each other out; he is a worrier, I’m too laid back; I’m too spontaneous, Jamie reigns me in before I go all out. We compliment one another perfectly and if I’m being honestly barely ever fall out. We get when we need time on our own, we respect our lives outside of the home and we enjoy the time together above all else. He’s my best friend, husband and now the best Dad to my son.

That is farrrr too much lovey dovey-ness for my liking haha. To balance myself out I may as well slag him so he doesn’t get too big headed haha.

  • Jamie comes home from work and puts on jeans. He calls these his comfies.
  • I have caught Jamie on several occassions biting his toenails – gads.
  • Jamie used to Fabreeze his clothes when he couldn’t be bothered showering.
  • Jamie is the messiest boy in the world and has to call me up to ask how to use the washing machine.
  • As a child, Jamie used to steal all the socks that belonged to his family members, stuff them down his boxers and run around the house!

That feels much better haha!

– Amanda x