WBC 9 – My Biggest Pet Peeve.

WBC 9 – My Biggest Pet Peeve.

Welcome back to another week of my Blogging Challenge. Today we are looking at my Biggest Pet Peeves. This was a tricky one for me as I’m usually quite a positive person. Opinionated, but positive!

I’m the type of person that if something annoys me I just say it, there and then so things don’t tend to get to me too much haha! But, for the post I have dwelled deep and picked out some of the thing that grind my gears!

NOW – this post is in no way directed to anyone or a way of belittling anyone else’s beliefs, judgements or behaviours – in other words, please don’t take offence to anything in this post. No Sensitive Sallys please?

  1. Reflecting on my above comment; I hate over-sensitivity!! The majority of people that go out of their way to be offended by absolutely nothing. There’s so many things we are not allowed to say, or do, or laugh about now. I mean, I am a teacher, I care and educate so many little minds but now, suddenly, I’ve not to say “Goodmorning boys and girls” just incase the girls in the class grow up to think that boys are superior to girls because I mentioned them first! 😂
  2. General messiness or unorganisation! Eughhh, this does my nut in! How hard is it to put thinga back where you got them? Again, as a teacher I encourage the children to clean up after themselves (if only my husband could attend my classes too).
  3. People that squeeze tubes from the middle instead of the bottom; gads, just no.
  4. Putting others down. I don’t understand why people do it. Who cares if someone parents a different way from you, or if they are wearing a dress you think is horrible, or they have decided to go for cheaper options than you would … let people do what they want, when they want and with whoever they want. Live and let live. We are all fightinga battle that is unknown, so be kind, always.
  5. And last one, because it is really hard to be so negative. When things don’t go to plan or promises are not kept! If you plan to do something, you should try your best to keep to it.

And we are back to the land of positivity!

What are your pet peeves?

– Amanda x



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