Jack Updates: 6 Months.

Jack Updates: 6 Months.

Hello all!

Jack is now six months old – half a year. How on earth has that happened so quickly? It sounds so cliche but time really does fly in, so cherish every single moment – even the screaming ones!

Milestones this Month:

A lot has changed since Jack’s 4 Month Update – he is officially on the move. Not proper crawling just yet, more like a creep and dive haha! He is also trying to stand up, can sit on his own unaided for a wee while and is becoming very interested in the world around him! He’s just learning so much, so quickly!

Special Events:

Not too much has happened over these two months to be honest. But big things are happening in our house. We had to lower the cot, he would climb up and laugh in that wee cheeky manner haha. And soon we will be moving him to his own room – this breaks my heart but I know it needs to be done!

Eating & Sleeping:

Big changes this month! He was beginning to sleep through again, but ofcourse his teeth are coming back in the mix and he’s back to waking up once through the night. He has a bottle and goes back to sleep so I can’t complain too much. Hoping to get him sleeping through for when we move him into his own room though! He is also getting better at napping (but as you know this can be a hit or a miss). Eating has becoming a whirlwind adventure as we are starting on solids! I wanted to go down the Baby Led Weaning route, and I still plan to do so, but I’m so scared of him choking! He has started having some purees and is loving it – still much prefers his bottles though so I’m hoping soon he can make the switch to love his grub.

Jack Loves:

CARROTS! He cannot get enough of them haha! Don’t know why I’m surprised, I could live on carrots haha. He also loves Hector the Hedgehog – this huge teddy that Jad brought back from Amsterdam! And pretty much anything he shouldn’t have haha; if I turn my back for a second his nappies and wipes are everywhere!! And last but not least, he loves music. Every night Jad takes him upstairs before his bath while I clean up the house and he sticks on some music – the moves that come from this wee lad would put us all to shame haha!

– Amanda x