My Baby Essentials (3-6 Months).

My Baby Essentials (3-6 Months).

Hello guys 🙂

My little man is almost 7 Months old already and I thought I’d share my 3-6 Month Baby Essentials with you all. After the love I got from My Newborn Baby Essentials I was pretty excited to gather my new favourite items together and share them all with you!

I am still using the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine, Angelcare Bath (soon to buy the size up), Nappy Caddy and Sleeping Bags and still consider all of these main essentials for our family! They make my life a lot easier haha! So here are 10 of the new additions to our life.

Dentinox Shampoo

When Jack was little he had really bad cradle cap. It was really flaky and looked so sore on him. My sister suggested using Dentinox Shampoo and it worked straight away. Within a few weeks the cradle cap was completely gone and his wee hair started to regrow. We don’t use this anymore as we don’t need to, but at one point it was a key ingredient to our daily routine.

Child’s Farm

I absolutely LOVE this brand! It has completely changes our lives at home. Jack has sensitive skin, and started to take bad reactions to most brands including the Johnsons products I mentioned in my older post. And then we tried Child’s Farm and everything changed! He skins cleared, he slept better, he enjoyed bath time more etc… Originally we stuck with unfragranced but now we can use all producta from this company. The products are all for sensitive skin types and smell amazing! If your little one or you yourself has any skin issues PLEASE gift this company a try – you won’t regret it.

Teething Solutions – Dentinox Gel

Teething is a killer in any household; and Jack has had a terrible time of it. He started teething at only 3 months and slowly his wee teeth have been pushing there way up through the gum. The pain was putting him off eating so I needed to help him out without using Calpol all of the time. I found Dentinox Gel and it seemed to really work. It’s works straight away and only lasts around 10 mins which is enough time to distract him!

Matchstick Monkey

Continuing with the theme of teething we have a bunch of teething toys set out to help our little man out. He likes all of them, but his Monkey is by far his favourite. At a young age it was easy for his to grip and pick up on his own and he would chew on it all day haha. The ridged back of head is like a toothbrush so it’s made it really easy to get him used to this sensation. We love it and have bought a lot for our other friends and family members with teething babies.

MAM Bottles

We were using the Tommee Tippee Anti Colic bottles and they did help out a lot with Jack’s reflux but they literally gave my husband and I anxiety! The leaked all of the time! We’d be out and the bottle would leak all over Jack, or our parents would feed him and the place would be a mess! Instead we decided to give the MAM bottles a go, and it made a massive difference. I no longer dreaded feeding Jack, clothes were salvaged, and Jamie wanted to do the feeda more! The bottles are also anti-colic and self sterilising, which means my big bulky sterilising is packed away! The are also so pretty to look at! I wish we had started with them now and will defo only use them from now on.


This is a lifesaver. Jack isn’t in it too often, but when he is he doesn’t stop smiling. I believe this has helped Jack massively with bearing weight on his legs and getting him interesting in ‘walking’. It’s also a great toy to keep him safe while I’m tidying up around him!


This is my favourite toy so far!! It’s a large inflatable doughnut that Jack sat in. It helped him practise his sitting skills as he was supported at every angle. He also used it a lot for tummy time and now, practising his kneeling and standing. I absolutely love it. I now throw loads of his toys inside it for Jack to climb in and play.

Pull up Pants

Jack is at that lovely stage where he crawls away any time I try to keep him still. He rolls away constantly and I was really getting stressed any time I needed to change him! So, I bought pull up pants – Little Angels – and they have changed my worries. I can literally change him while he is on the move! Haha. They are also easier to take off as you simply rip them off.

Ella’s Kitchen

We have started our weaning journey and to begin with I was certain I wasnted to go down the Baby Led Weaning route – I still dip my toe into this world but my fear of choking was making it not an enjoyable experience. Now I feed him purees, fingers food snacks and some pieces of my own food. So a good mixture. I looked at a lot of different brands and Ella’s Kitchen are by far my favourite. They have the best FIRST TASTES purees, and amazing finger food snacks. Jack’s favourites so far are the Melty Puffs.

Sippy Cup

I have bought so many sippy cups! Jack just doesn’t seem to take to them. He enjoyed water in his bottle but I knew I needed to try move him onto an actual beaker/cup. He has been alright with the Tommee Tippee free flow beaker but it’s a hit or miss. He also loves the Munchkin 360• sippy cup and I think he is started to take to it quite well. He can hold it pretty well and is taking more water from it every day.

These brands/items have all been amazing and I’m defo going to keep using them for as long as Jack is able to use them!

– Amanda x