Jack Updates : 8 Months.

Jack Updates : 8 Months.

Happy 8 Months little man! 💙 So much has happened in the last two months and you are defo developing a little personality! 😂

Hello all.

Hope you are all well. I have an 8 Month old!! 4 Months and he will be a full year. Crazy. As I said these two months have been completely jam packed with milestones, first and unforgettable moments.

Milestones This Month:

Jack started proper 5 days after his 6 Month Birthday and has been on the move ever since. It’s pretty hard to keep up with him actually! He can also stand up on his own, well when he’s climbing up on the couch or anything in sight, and he is so close to taking both hands off and staying there. He can stand in his cot – which has caused some sleeping issues – and wakes us up most mornings laughing at us! He can say Mum and so close to perfecting Dad! He can climb up the stairs, walking with aid and is getting much better at eating his finger foods! Jack has also got two front bottom teeth!

Special Events:

Jack had his first sleepover at his Grangela’s house while Jamie and I went to our friends wedding. I was a nervous wreck but he had a great time! We also enrolled Jack into a day time nursery for when I’m back at work full time. We visited the Baby Room and he started playing straight away. He also went to his first birthday party – John Smith McCormick is 1 already; how crazy is that!?

Eating & Sleeping:

Jacks routine has completely switched up. He is eating more solids ans had completely dropped a milk feed. His routine looks more like this on a good day:

6:30/7am – Wake

7:30am – Bottle 7oz

8:30am – Breakfast

9:30-11am – Nap

11:30am – Lunch

1:30/2pm – Bottle 7oz

2:30-4pm – Nap

5pm – Dinner

6:45pm – Bath

7:30pm – Bottle 8oz

8:00pm – Bed


His sleep is all over the place again. I think it’s because the nights are lighter now so I defo need to invest in a Blackout Curtain!

He is STILL on our room; but this is because the day we were moving his cot through we needed to take him to hospital due to a bad reaction after eating a strawberry! He stayed in the hospital for most of the night and was pretty ill afterwards; as you can imagine we did not want to leave him! This month, defo!!

Jack Loves:

Pancakes; Apricot Petits Filous and Ella’s Kitchen Melty Sticks! Honestly he cannot get enough. He also loves water – defo my boy! He likes climbing onto his pram wheels and being tickled! His favourite toy just now is the Tony Eggs and ofcourse, he still love Liam Gallagher haha!

– Amanda x