Maternity Leave: The Highs and the Lows.

Maternity Leave: The Highs and the Lows.

Hello guys!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted but I have just been so busy! The Working Mum Life is very hectic haha – huge respect for all of you parents that manage it!

Yeah, so I’m back at work for the last four weeks of term and little Jack is spending some quality time with his two grans Bala and Grangela.

The night before I returned to work I spent hours sobbing and tell Jamie that I was the worst person on the planet; that Jack would miss me too much; and that I wouldn’t manage a day without him – of course, I was being over emotional and pretty much stupid! And now two weeks in it’s safe to say that I’m actually enjoying being back in the teaching world!

I loved Maternity Leave; and every single second I had to spend with my little lad but now with fresh eyes I can see some low points too. I have constructed some of the positive and negative experiences I had over the past 8 Months.

The Lows

  1. The Loneliness: The first month was amazing; Jamie was home, we had visitors every other day and Jack was so tiny that all he did was cuddle in, sleep and eat. And then BOOM! Jamie was away back at work and I was all on my own with little baby. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second but I soon realised that I didn’t speak to anyone (other than Jack) for at least 8 hours every single day. It was a lonely place, but the more I experienced it, the more I gor used to it. Luckily; I stepped out of this funk and became more social again.
  2. The Repetitiveness: I love a routine; I thrive off routine; and so far little Jack is following in his mother’s footsteps! But doing the exact same thing every day got a tad draining!
  3. Lack of Self Care: You totally forget you are an actual person haha! If Jack had a bad day I couldn’t find the time to shower; eat or even brush my teeth. I would honestly wait for a spare 5 mins to run to the toilet! This lack of self care really took a toll of my mental health. I would be scared to have people over because I knew I would still be in my jammies; and I’d avoid leaving the house because I’d feel pressure to make sure I was clean and ready! Luckily this subsided and I made some time for myself!
  4. Being Skint: This is last on my negative list because in all honesty it was pretty hard to choose some low points! But aye, maternity pay is terrible! We were so skint in the last few months and I spent so much time cutting back and moving money around to keep everything ticking along nicely! Roll on my wage in a few weeks!

The Highs

  1. Watching Jack Grow: This is a total given but having all of that quality time with my gorgeous wee man was amazing! I loved spending every minute with Jack and couldn’t imagine a nicer way to spend my days. I loved seeing him wake up every morning; playing with him as he grew; and teaching him all of the amazing things he can do today.
  2. So Much Time: Because I wasn’t working I had so much time to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted! I had so many opportunities to meet with friends, spend time with family or just laze around with the wee man.
  3. Instagram: This sounds crazy haha; imagine picking an app haha! But I had so much time that I could properly dive into the Instagram World of Blogging. From it my Blog has grown, I’ve met a bunch of lovely people ans lots of amazing brands are now working with me! It’s been a great experience!

– Amanda x