Jack Updates : 10 Months.

Jack Updates : 10 Months.

Hello everyone!Hope you are all well. I took a bit of a blogging holiday over the Summer break because I wanted to soak up as much of wee Jack as I could before working full time.I am so late in fact, that Jack is now closer to 11 months than 10. Nevertheless, here is what my little man was loving and getting up to a few weeks ago.

Milestones This Month

Jack is now saying some words correctly and in context. He is an expert at shouting “Mum” and can also say worss like “Dad”, “Hiya”, “Bala” (our name for his Gran haha), and “Grandpa”. There was one day that Jamie was particularly funny and Jack shouted “again” but it must’ve been a total fluke haha. He also loves to stand up now and is even taking a few steps. When holding my hand he will walk non-stop, but still lacks a bit of confidence on his own.

Special Events:

There has been soooo many these past few months! Jack is now in his own bedroom! We missed him the first few days but like everything else, it becomes your new normal. Also, he is now COMPLETELY off his dummy. I am pretty proud of his little achievement if I am being honest. Defo going to share my dummy ditching secrets on a separate post because SO MANY people got in contact about it haha. And lastly, I was back off work for the Summer Holidays which meant I got to spend every day with my wee lad!

Eating and Sleeping

Things are going pretty well in this front. Well, apart from this week because teeth are wrecking our lives once again haha. His routine is pretty similar to before except we now have breakfast first in the morning and his morning bottle and lunch are pushed back a little. No doubt it will all be crazy again when he starts the nursery ha.

His sleep has improved massively since we moved him out of his own and took away the dummy. He is no longer eating a bottle through the night and can settle himself back to sleep 9/10 times; and if he can’t a quick Mum snuggle seems to do the trick!

Jack Loves

He is defo not a baby anymore and has little likes now. He is obsessed with The Smiths and Liam Gallagher, he finds Limmy hilarious and cheers when Rangers score – no we are not brainwashing him haha! But other than the adult induced likes he is a big fan of Peppa Pig, The Wiggles and of course Books. He loves his little reading corner and gets cosy in there whenever we are in his room. He is also really into holding his own little fork just now haha, strange but there ye go! And of course, his old faithfuls, the hoover and the washing machine haha.

– Amanda x