Hello all. It’s been a while! The last time I published a blog post was back in August 2019 and as you can tell a lot has changed since then. I don’t have any real reason for not fully engaging on here other than the lack of time I now have being a busy Mum and teacher. It is stressful. But now, with the Global Pandemic I feel it is the right time to dip my toe back into the blogging world. Properly, not just on my Instagram! So, I thought instead of diving head first into my usual bloggy… View Post

Hello all. I’m a little late in posting this consider we are almost halfway through January BUT that’s what happens when a baby takes over your life! Anyway; as I was pregnant for all of last year My 2018 Goals kind went out of the window! But; that being said I had the BEST year of my life! If you know me well you will know that last year: I enjoyed pregnancyand fell in love with my huge bump, I shared pregnancy with my younger sister, My parents bought a gorgeous puppy Jimmy the Dog I visited Amsterdam with Jamie… View Post

As it it Valentines Day and love is definately in the air I thought I’d spread my own little positivity and love vibes on Adventures with Amanda. Today is my 9th Valentines with Jamie and I thought I’d share a bunch of my LOVES! Hope some of these bring a smile to your faces! 💕 I love waking up and it’s sunny outside. I love spending days on long adventures with my dad. I love days out or days gossiping with my mum. I love my little niece Rhian! I love Jamie – more than anything! I love my little… View Post

Hello again gang! As most of you may know, I recently transferred my little WordPress.com blog onto bigger and better things and became Self-Hosted. Since doing this a few of my friends and readers got in contact and asked me how to go about it. First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to Holly for helping me out a huge deal! Please read her post too as she talks you through some of the steps she took in order to make A Daily Dose of Holly the amazing site it is today! In this post I… View Post

Hello gang, and a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So far today I have lounged about all day and ‘met’ some new blogging friends through Emma’s Blog Party. I hope you have had a nice day to set off your 2018. If you are anything like me that you love setting yourself some goals! I am one of these people that writes a ToDo List every single day, even if I know exactly what needs done! Anyway, after composing my post 10 Ways to Improve Your 2018 I decided to make my own personalised goals, as well as try to keep on… View Post