Week 5 of the 52 Week Blog Challenge and it’s all about looking back on some old holidays I have had. I have been very lucky to see a bit of the world with my family and now with my wonderful husband. As a child my favourite holidays were to Blackpool! We would drive down really early in the morning (I still call that sicky feeling you get from waking up too early Blackpool Sickness) and live in a nearby Caravan Site! We loved this as kids! We spent all day travelling to Blackpool or Fleetwood and all night in… View Post

Good afternoon guys! šŸ™‚ Week 4 of my 52 Week Blog Challenge and today we are talking about 5 places I would love to visit! Jamie and I were starting our travelling journey in 2017 and managed to visit 5 countries and many English cities. We had planned more for 2018 but had to stop because Jack decided to join the party! I am actually missing travelling so much and cannot wait until Jack is big enough to come along with us! Iceland This is a huge bucket list location for me! I am desperate to see the Northern Lights;… View Post

Hello again! It’s Week 3 in my Weekly Blogging Challenge and today’s topic is meeting my wonderful family. I plan to show off my nearest and dearest and tell you a little about them so you can “get to know” them a little. Jamie – This lad is my amazing husband and best friend. We have been together for almost 10 Years and still make one another laugh every single day (that is the key to a long lasting relationship in my opinion). Jamie was born in Ayrshire in 1991 and like me is a massive Rangers fan. He grew… View Post

Hello again. It’s Week 2 of my weekly blogging challenge and today’s focus is all about My Favourite Things. Originally I was going to write a bunch of my favourite things out and talk about them, but having little Jack still all my free-time has made this a litte difficult. Instead I looked up a bunch of questionnaires and will answer a whole bunch of favourites from different categories for you! Nature & Travel Favorite color? – Blue! šŸ’™ The coolest natural wonder I’ve ever seen? – I haven’t really see any big wonders; seeing the planets through a telescope… View Post

Hello all. I’m a little late in posting this consider we are almost halfway through January BUT that’s what happens when a baby takes over your life! Anyway; as I was pregnant for all of last year My 2018 Goals kind went out of the window! But; that being said I had the BEST year of my life! If you know me well you will know that last year: I enjoyed pregnancyand fell in love with my huge bump, I shared pregnancy with my younger sister, My parents bought a gorgeous puppy Jimmy the Dog I visited Amsterdam with Jamie… View Post