Another little trip away and another country scrubbed off the big map!! This time Jamie and I decided to explore Belfast! As it was only a 20 minute flight away we decided to just head down for the weekend and not bother taking time off work! We woke up super early on the Saturday and headed to Glasgow Airport for the quick journey! We then grabbed a bus into the city centre and dumped our bags at the hotel! As we were only there for one night we wanted to cram in as much as possible! Before coming I had… View Post

As most of you may know, Jamie and I are massive Beatles fans! We even had them playing us out of the wedding ceremony. For Jamie’s birthday I took him to Liverpool – the home of The Beatles – and we were able to go see the Beatles museum! The museum was great and walked us through the Beatles life, how they got together and how they raced to world stardom!  I actually learned a lot about them that I didn’t know! Our favourite part was the section dedicated to John Lennon! He is our favourite Beatle and the world… View Post