Hello everyone!Hope you are all well. I took a bit of a blogging holiday over the Summer break because I wanted to soak up as much of wee Jack as I could before working full time.I am so late in fact, that Jack is now closer to 11 months than 10. Nevertheless, here is what my little man was loving and getting up to a few weeks ago. Milestones This Month Jack is now saying some words correctly and in context. He is an expert at shouting “Mum” and can also say worss like “Dad”, “Hiya”, “Bala” (our name for… View Post

Hello guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted but I have just been so busy! The Working Mum Life is very hectic haha – huge respect for all of you parents that manage it! Yeah, so I’m back at work for the last four weeks of term and little Jack is spending some quality time with his two grans Bala and Grangela. The night before I returned to work I spent hours sobbing and tell Jamie that I was the worst person on the planet; that Jack would miss me too much; and that I wouldn’t manage a… View Post

Happy 8 Months little man! 💙 So much has happened in the last two months and you are defo developing a little personality! 😂 Hello all. Hope you are all well. I have an 8 Month old!! 4 Months and he will be a full year. Crazy. As I said these two months have been completely jam packed with milestones, first and unforgettable moments. Milestones This Month: Jack started proper 5 days after his 6 Month Birthday and has been on the move ever since. It’s pretty hard to keep up with him actually! He can also stand up on… View Post

Hello guys 🙂 My little man is almost 7 Months old already and I thought I’d share my 3-6 Month Baby Essentials with you all. After the love I got from My Newborn Baby Essentials I was pretty excited to gather my new favourite items together and share them all with you! I am still using the Tommee Tippee Prep Machine, Angelcare Bath (soon to buy the size up), Nappy Caddy and Sleeping Bags and still consider all of these main essentials for our family! They make my life a lot easier haha! So here are 10 of the new… View Post

Hello all! Jack is now six months old – half a year. How on earth has that happened so quickly? It sounds so cliche but time really does fly in, so cherish every single moment – even the screaming ones! Milestones this Month: A lot has changed since Jack’s 4 Month Update – he is officially on the move. Not proper crawling just yet, more like a creep and dive haha! He is also trying to stand up, can sit on his own unaided for a wee while and is becoming very interested in the world around him! He’s just… View Post