A week ago today, Jamie and I participated in the Edinburgh Kiltwalk to raise funds for the SAMH charity. We walked 26 long Miles around the city centre and pushed ourselves so hard! 🙂 We woke up super early for a Sunday, around 6:30am and started our trip to Edinburgh. Ofcourse, we were all kitted out with our Kiltwalk badge and SAMH t-shirt. We arrived at Murrayfield about 8:30am which gave us half an hour to get prepared, fed, watered etc.. before starting the journey. I was so excited and the place was packed with people also doing the Marathon… View Post

A week today I will get passed out in my bed trying to recover from my 26 mile charity walk. I honestly cannot wait to tackle the walk but truely feel I have not did nearly enough training 😩 all of this week I plan to go out a 5-10 mile walk after work in order to watm my legs up before the big day. Hopefully next Sunday/Monday I will be able to share my experience with you all, any tips or advice would be lovely. Wish me luck guys! Remember – if you want to donate anything to the… View Post

In four weeks time I will be dragging Jamie around Edinburgh in the 2017 Kiltwalk! I am super excited to take part in the challenge but know my training needs to start NOW!  I plan to go out more walks this week and get into the habit of taking longer walks with Jad each weekend leading up to the big day! We are walking and raising funds for the SAMH charity who help people and children that suffer mental health issues. This is a close topic for Jamie and myself and together we wanted to spread awareness and support this… View Post

Hello guys!! 😊💜 Jamie and I have signed ourselves up for another charity event!! We have decided to tackle the Kiltwalk 2017 in Edinburgh (September 17th) 🏃🏼‍♀️👍🏼  Above is a little look at our Fundraising Page! We have decided to take on the Mighty Strider challenge which is 26miles!! So a lot of practise is needed beforehand haha! We wanted to raise money for a charity that we know affects a lot of people – the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) 😊💙 So please give Our Fundraising Page a look and donate any spare cash you have to help us reach… View Post