December already! Christmas is coming up and everyone is rushing about 24/7 haha! Here’s what I have been up to over the past month: Fri 1st Dec: It’s December already! Today the children were so excited because it is Christmas Month!! I was excited when I got home because my beautiful keyrings from Cheila – PinkForDays 💜 thanks again babe!! Sat 2nd Dec: It’s time for another trip away with oor Jad! This weekend we were spending our time exploring Belfast. I did write a large post about this so have a nosey at it here : Belfast Post! Today… View Post

Last month of the year and a very busy one for most of us!! Here is my final Monthly Top Five of 2017! 1. Jamie and I went to Belfast: Yes, the Dunn family went on another adventure to Belfast! We had an amazing weekend and managed to squeeze so much into two days! We managed to visit Crumlin Road Goal, Titanic Museum, the Ulster Museum, Town Hall, Sandy Row etc… loads and loads. I wrote a big post on our trip so please have a nosey at it here: Belfast Post! We loved our time in Belfast and already… View Post

Looking back on my year and I’m shocked at the amount of things I managed to cram in! This has seriously been one of the beat years of my life and I can only hope to make 2018 just as good! I have decided to have a reflect back on the 12 months od 2017 and talk about or share my favourite moments! Hope you enjoy 🙂💙 JANUARY I created this blog! My resolution was to explore my home country and the world a little more and thought having a blog would help me achieve my goal! We celebrated my… View Post

First of all, I want to apologise … my phone has been away getting fixed and I haven’t had the chance to get onto my Blog! So, I am very sorry for the long awaited November Top Five! 1. It’s A Boy!! : Yes, we finally found out the gender of Kirsti’s baby. I am so happy that we are finally getting a little boy in the family. Rhian is so excited too and is already planning what her and her little brother are going to get up to! I’m excited to get the wee chap into football, even if his dad… View Post

Here we are again with another Wrap Up post. While writing this I still cannot believe it is November and how fast this year has flown in. Scary!!! Ahh well, I’ll quit rambling and just reflect on my month! Wed 1st Nov: As usual, I had a super busy day at my work. The children were all working hard and loved learning all about Bon Fire Night. Thurs 2nd Nov:Today we started our Daily Mile. The children loved using up their hyper energy outside. The aim js for every child to walk/run a Daily every single day! Fri 3rd Nov:Finally Friday!!… View Post