This post will be short and sweat but … HAPPY FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO MY WONDERFUL LAD JAMIE! 🙂💙 I still can’t quite believe that Our Wedding was a full year ago! It really was the best day of my life and I’m so happy that we have survived our first year! 🙂💙 We have had an amazing first year of marriage and did so much within that year. We travel A LOT and visited some of the most amazing cities on the planet! We started saving for our dream home. And now we are expecting our first little baby!… View Post

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 30 – Thank you! Some time after the Wedding, Jamie and I sent out loads of Thank You Cards to show how thankful we were for all our gifts, cards, money and simply spending our special day with us!! This photo shows all of our full day guests and again Jamie and I would love to extend our thanks! We love you all and couldn’t image having our day without you all. 💙 -Amanda x

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 29 – The Bridesmaids. First of all I’d like to draw attention to my group of girls on the wedding day. I love them all and honestly couldn’t handle my daily life, never mind my wedding without them.  But today’s post is all about the Bridesmaids! I decided to keep it small and have only two girls by my side. My wonderful sister Kirsti was my Chief and my best friend Aly was up there with me too! These girls mean the world to me and I was so proud to have them up there… View Post

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 28 – The Dance. Our First Dance was selected by Jamie 💙 we decided on Queen – You’re My Best Friend. Queen are one of my favourite bands and the song related a lot to us both!  Looking through my phone I had a lot of videos of the recpetion, so I decided to share some videos as well as pictures. ​ [wpvideo qa62zhj8]​​ [wpvideo z74QCE0J]​ As soon as the first dance was over Rhian was striaght over and took over the dancefloor. ​ [wpvideo LG9RpnQt]​ I love that video of Rhian, Kirsti and I!… View Post

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 27 – The Decor. I have spoken a lot about the Decor at our ceremony and reception already in some of my past posts within this challenge. Things like our colour scheme, our flowers and decorations. Due to that I decided to draw some attention to our Guest Book and Table Plan!  Our Guest Book was simple but stunning. It’s even better now as it is filled with lovely message from our our lovely guests. Our Table Plan was amazing! One of my favourite purchases from the day! Jamie decided it would be nice to… View Post