Apr 23rd 2017 – Old Firm Day! Second old firm in the past month or so and we were buzzing! This time we faced Celtic in the Scottish Cup and we were hoping for the same performance as last year’s semi final! Unfortunately this was not the case! We woke up super early and head to Hampden – I love Old Firms at Hampden, the atmosphere is amazing and the stadium is literally half blue half green! 💙 We got our seats and basically screamed at the team for the full 90 minutes ha. The team didn’t show up at… View Post

Apr 9th 2017 – Ibrox Bar! Finally, Jad and I found the big Ibrox Bar in Tenerife!! We headed in, found some seats and bought some Tenerife Rangers t-shirts to get ourselves ready for today’s match. Today’s game was against Aberdeen, a team us Rangers fans hate!! Getting beaten by them is sometime worse than a Celtic win! Haha 😂😂 the game was pretty rubbish for the first half (and most of the second to be honest) but Georgie in the Bar had the tunes playing for half time! It was great seeing all the fans jumping about and singing… View Post

Mar 12th 2017 – OLD FIRM DAY!! As you can imagine, Old Firm Day is one of the most important days to a Rangers or Celtic fan!! Celtic are dominating the league and I must admit I was expected a big defeat today but I was buzzing at getting a drew against our rivals!  We woke up very early (well 8:30am but it’s Sunday so early for me haha) and rushed up to Glasgow. We were able to meet up with some fellow fans before getting a taxi up to Celtic Park.  The place was full of Celtic fans and… View Post