This post will be short and sweat but … HAPPY FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO MY WONDERFUL LAD JAMIE! 🙂💙 I still can’t quite believe that Our Wedding was a full year ago! It really was the best day of my life and I’m so happy that we have survived our first year! 🙂💙 We have had an amazing first year of marriage and did so much within that year. We travel A LOT and visited some of the most amazing cities on the planet! We started saving for our dream home. And now we are expecting our first little baby!… View Post

It’s finally here! I have been blogging for one whole year. The year has completely flown in and I cannot believe we are already halfway through January 2018! First things first: I happen to share my blogging birthday with my gorgeous niece Rhian. So I wanted to wish her a massive HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY live from this post. Love you Rhi-pie! 💙 Anyway… Yes. It’s PARTY TIME! 👍🏼 This is my first ever Blog Party so I hope you all interact and find some new blogging face in the mix of the comments! If you want to join in then… View Post