30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 29 – The Bridesmaids. First of all I’d like to draw attention to my group of girls on the wedding day. I love them all and honestly couldn’t handle my daily life, never mind my wedding without them.  But today’s post is all about the Bridesmaids! I decided to keep it small and have only two girls by my side. My wonderful sister Kirsti was my Chief and my best friend Aly was up there with me too! These girls mean the world to me and I was so proud to have them up there… View Post

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 6 – The Groom. Oor Jaddy. Where to start with this one. 😂  Jamie is my best friend. He had been my best friend since we were young pups and have been a part of each other’s lives for as long as I can remember. When we started going out we found it hilarious and if I am being honest, I am im shock we are still together haha! 😘💙 As you can see, he’s a braw boy (I’m defo punching). And I am lucky to be married to such a looker haha – the… View Post

I’m going to be honest, September was a bleak month! I hardly did a thing and it flew by! However, I did start to tick off some of my Before I Am 30 List! 🙂👍🏼 I am going to apologise right now as I did not do a September Wrap Up post 😩 I promise to do this again in October because I know a lot of you enjoyed that post.  Anyway, lets dive straight into my September Top Five: 1. I completed a Marathon: I still can’t believe this happened! I am so proud of myself and all the others that… View Post

Mar 6th 2017 – MOTHER SMUDGE!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!! 👍🏼💙 Today marks my wee mum’s 51st birthday! As I have mentioned before my wee mum is my bestest pal and the one person who is always there for me no mattet what! I was so excited to leave my work today (which was jampacked may I add) and go and see her. She was showered with gifts, but I really wish I could get her some more – defo need to spoil her after the wedding! 😊💜 As you can see from this photo she is the mad one of… View Post