Good Afternoon all and welcome back to another Feature Friday! Today we are focusing on the amazing Hayleigh who Blogs over at It’s Not All Cute. This girl is amazing. I have featured her on my Blog before when I reflected back on the Online Personalities That Helped Me Become A Mum. She really is a kind and thoughtful soul and I hope you all get to know her like I have! Introduction! Could you please tell us a little about yourself?  Hello, I’m Hayleigh Meg. I’m a 26 year old mama, princess, actress and mental health warrior.  I have… View Post

Hello again and welcome back to my Feature Friday! Today we are talking to the wonderful Mattie from Kids, Coffee & Life. She is one of my Instagram besties – a fellow Scot, mum and blogger. Only big difference is our football teams haha! Introduction! Could you please tell us a little about yourself? A wee back ground story of Kids, Coffee & Life? – Hi, I’m Matilda (or Mattie) I am 24 and live in the West of Scotland with my fiancè and our two children. Lewis is coming up for 5 and Zara is approaching 6 months. My… View Post

Hello everyone. It’s another Snow Day here in Scotland and I decided to finally create my own Facebook Blogging Group. I am a part of a few: Blogs in Bloom being my favourite, and felt I wanted to take the plunge and make one myself. Within the group I will post Daily Threads where people can leave links to their pages, posts and social media accounts. The idea is that we grow our own content as well as encourage and support others. Through doing this I hope that we all form stronger relationships and truely become Blogging Buddies. Please request… View Post

It’s finally here! I have been blogging for one whole year. The year has completely flown in and I cannot believe we are already halfway through January 2018! First things first: I happen to share my blogging birthday with my gorgeous niece Rhian. So I wanted to wish her a massive HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY live from this post. Love you Rhi-pie! 💙 Anyway… Yes. It’s PARTY TIME! 👍🏼 This is my first ever Blog Party so I hope you all interact and find some new blogging face in the mix of the comments! If you want to join in then… View Post

Hello! 🙂 Earlier this week I asked you all what you fancied doing for my One Year Blogging Anniversary (Original Post here: Almost 1 Year). Through this I got a load of suggestions, the most popular being a Question and Answer Post AND hosting a Blog Party! 👍🏼💙 I am so excited to be hosting my first Blog Party on the 15th and hope you all get invloved! It’s an excellent way to show off your own blog and interact with some new people!! You are all invited and I hope to see you all there! Now… This is where… View Post