If you have me on any of my Social Media sites you will already be aware that the Smith family had a new addition to the gang … everyone meet Jimmy the Dog! My dad informed us all in October/November time that he was considering getting a new puppy. We were all over he moon as it’s been such a long time since we had a little furry friend in the family. We grew up with dogs all through our childhood – I had my own German Shephard beast called Indie at just a year old; then we had a… View Post

December already! Christmas is coming up and everyone is rushing about 24/7 haha! Here’s what I have been up to over the past month: Fri 1st Dec: It’s December already! Today the children were so excited because it is Christmas Month!! I was excited when I got home because my beautiful keyrings from Cheila – PinkForDays đź’ś thanks again babe!! Sat 2nd Dec: It’s time for another trip away with oor Jad! This weekend we were spending our time exploring Belfast. I did write a large post about this so have a nosey at it here : Belfast Post! Today… View Post

First of all, I want to apologise … my phone has been away getting fixed and I haven’t had the chance to get onto my Blog! So, I am very sorry for the long awaited November Top Five! 1. It’s A Boy!! : Yes, we finally found out the gender of Kirsti’s baby. I am so happy that we are finally getting a little boy in the family. Rhian is so excited too and is already planning what her and her little brother are going to get up to! I’m excited to get the wee chap into football, even if his dad… View Post

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 27 – The Decor. I have spoken a lot about the Decor at our ceremony and reception already in some of my past posts within this challenge. Things like our colour scheme, our flowers and decorations. Due to that I decided to draw some attention to our Guest Book and Table Plan!  Our Guest Book was simple but stunning. It’s even better now as it is filled with lovely message from our our lovely guests. Our Table Plan was amazing! One of my favourite purchases from the day! Jamie decided it would be nice to… View Post

30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 14 – Something New. My something new on the day was ofcourse my dress – but there is already a full post dedicated to that. So I decided to do a little bit different and go for new families. As you know, Jamie and I have been a part of each other’s lives for a very long time and have been a big part of each other’s families and houses for that full time too. So, the wedding day didn’t really feel like we were “just joining” the other’s family. đź’™ Here are a few… View Post