30 Day Wedding Challenge. Day 3 – Hair. I am really lucky that my sister and friend Claire are both hairdressers! Claire decided to do my hair and my bridesmaid’s hair for free as a gift towards my wedding and I was so greatful. As most of you may already know, all of my hair fell out a year before the wedding and I was doing all I could to make it healthy again.  On the day, I was so pleased with my hair. We went for an up do, which is surprising as I’m not the most confident with… View Post

As most of you guys know, around this time last year I discovered I had developed alopecia from the medicine Topirimate! My hair was thinning and falling out at a rapid rate and I was beginning to stress over it! Luckily, my little sister is a hairdresser and she helped me in my bid to get my long healthy hair back! I have always had long, thick hair so this was a big shock to me – especially with my wedding coming up! Above is my hair just before I took the medication – November 2015 – and as you… View Post