On our 20 Week scan we were able to find out just how well our little baby was doing. All looked well and seeing the little one move around was amazing. We were then asked if we wanted to find out the gender … From the beginning Jamie was set that he wanted to find out! I on the other hand thought it would be nice to have a wee surprise. But as time flew on, my curiosity grew the better of me haha. We decided that we were going to find out and I must admit I was shocked… View Post

Here we are again with another Wrap Up post. While writing this I still cannot believe it is November and how fast this year has flown in. Scary!!! Ahh well, I’ll quit rambling and just reflect on my month! Wed 1st Nov: As usual, I had a super busy day at my work. The children were all working hard and loved learning all about Bon Fire Night. Thurs 2nd Nov:Today we started our Daily Mile. The children loved using up their hyper energy outside. The aim js for every child to walk/run a Daily every single day! Fri 3rd Nov:Finally Friday!!… View Post