Another Awards post here 🙂 I love these posts as it helps you get to know other bloggers and helps to share a little about yourself too! This time around I have been nominated by the lovely Steph Loves who is a positive and love sharing blogger – defo go check out her page!! As you may already know the rules for this award are: 1 Answer the questions 2 Nominate 11 other bloggers who have relatively small amount of followers 3 Ask your 11 questions 4 Tag your nominees to let them know they have been selected 5 Make… View Post

Shortly after my first ever Award Post I was nominated again for the Liebster Award. I have seen a lot of you doing this Award and it always seemed fun to do and allowed me to find a few other bloggers to follow! So here goes it… Liebster Award Rules: Answer the 11 questions you were asked Tag 11 new bloggers Create 11 new questions for your nominees Recognize the blogger who tagged you First on the agenda is a big thank you to Kat’s Chats who nominated me for the award. She is a great blogger and I want to say a massive… View Post