Another busy month, and one that flew by so fast! I literally cannot believe it is September already! 😐  Anyway, let’s dive straight into my August Top Five, which was a tricky choice as I have spent most of the month at my work slugging away trying to figure out my new Primary 3s haha! 1. I visited the city of Rome: This holiday was amazing as most of you will have read on my full post – ROME POST! I had the best long weekend with Jamie, Claire and Mike and managed to Tick a lot off the bucket list… View Post

August was a busy and exciting month for me! I managed to visit a new country/city; plan for more adventures and start my new job with my new class. Here is a little rundown of the past 31 days: Tues 1st Aug: I spent the day with my wee mum and Rhian. I also said goodbye to Cassay and Rachelle who are away travelling through Europe for the next month. Wed 2nd Aug: I packed and preped for my trip to Rome! Thurs 3rd Aug: I jumped on the plane and flew to Rome! I was so excited for a… View Post

May 19th 2017 – CELEBRATEEEEE! Well, I did not get the sleep I was hoping for! I woke up every hour and it was such a long night! I got up and tackled my morning or work which was great – the sun was shining and the children could practise their Sports Day races!!! I left my work and headed for my interview! I got in the school, shook hands with everyone and then was asked to teach a small lesson – I was totally unprepared for this hahaha but I managed to just be me! I am much more… View Post