I came across this tag on Believe in a Miracle‘s page – so be sure to go on her page and have a nosey. Since it is Christmas I thought I’d give it a go myself! 🎄 The Rules:< . Include this list of things to include. 2. Give credit to the creator – linking to this specific post for reference is optional. 3. Thank the person who tagged you and be sure to leave a link to their blog. 4. Answer the 10 questions I’ll provide. 5. Add 3 bonus questions that only the people you tag need to… View Post

Every answer must start with the FIRST letter of your LAST name. Ready? Go! Last name – Dunn Animal – Dog Girls Name – Darcie Boy’s Name – Denny Colour – Dandelion Yellow Name a movie – Dumb and Dumber Something you wear – Dress Drinks – Daiquiri Food – Domino’s Pizza Item in bathroom – Dry Shampoo Place – Dunoon

TODDLER TEST… No Coaching, just asking! Another quiz sent to me. This time all about Rhian and her mad answers haha! •What is your name? Rhian. • How old are you? 5 no 3. • When is your birthday? Jan (still so surprised she got this)! • How old is your mummy? 5 (hahaha). • What is your favourite colour? Pink. •What is your favourite food? Chips. •Who is your best friend? Mummy. • What is your favourite show? PJ Masks. •What is your favourite song? Let It Go. • What is your favourite animal? Tiger. • What are you… View Post

This questionnaire has floated around Social Media for months, and I always ask Jamie his answers but this time I will note down his responses. 😂 “WITHOUT prompting, ask your husband these questions and write EXACTLY what they say”. •What is something I say lot? Love you. ✔️ •What makes me happy? Food. ✔️ •What makes me sad? Social situations. ✖️ •How tall am I? 5ft6✖️ •What’s my favourite thing to do? Eat.✖️ •What do I do when you’re not around? Go to your mums.✔️ •What makes you proud of me? Your teaching. •What is my favourote food? Pasta based… View Post

Since my first quiz post people have been sending and tagging me in loads of extra quizzes 😂👍🏼 I will try work my way through them and hopefully you continue to enjoy! 😊 1. Who are you named after? Nobody, my wee maw and paw just liked the name Amanda. 🙂 2. Last time you cried? On Saturday when I was watching Up! 😂 I am one of those weirdos that cry at films all the time but stonehearted at real life situations. 3. Do you like your handwriting? Yes. I need nice handwriting for marking constantly haha. 4. What… View Post