Jun 12th 2017 – Post Run Pain! Holy jackamoley! I am in AGONY!!!!! Last night I was only a little sore, nothing unexpected but when I woke up this morning I felt like someone had battered me hahaha! I got out of bed and walked to school but it was getting worse as the day went on! 😩 The children were asking why I was “walking funny” and getting me cushions to sit on hahaha! Now I am in bed, I cancelled the gym and the food shop because I am a sore mess! I used my foam roller a… View Post

Jun 11th 2017 – First Competitive 10K Ahhhhh! What a day! I tried so hard to sleep last night but drunk Jad made it near impossible. So come 7:30 I rose, got ready and then attempted to wake up Jamie haha!   Today is the day Jamie, Aly and I run in the Roon the Toon 10K!! I will post a separate post all about it but know that I had a brilliant day and my calves are in tatters now haha! 🏃🏼‍♀️ Jamie and I quickly visited my parents and Rhian afterwards and then came home to shower and… View Post

Here we go!!! Today marks the day I will be starting my #marathoninmay 💪🏼 everyday I will update my: Full day miles Specific walk/run miles Basically because if I just concentrated on my full day (fitbit) miles I would finish this very early haha! I spent the full day at the pub yesterday and managed to walk about for 7 miles 🙄 haha! So everyday I will have a specific walk/run time to include which hopefully will have a wee mile in there! Please visit my fundrasing page if you want to donate to British Heart Foundation – My Marathon in… View Post

The British Heart Foundation have created an easy and healthy way to raise money! All you need to do is run, jog or walk a marathon in the month of May. That’s 26.2 miles in the space of 31 days. You can do it in one go, maybe give yourself a target each week or just do a little every day! I am going to be raising money and awareness for a great cause while getting healthy and fit myself! Visit my page for updates and if you have any spare change please donate:  My Marathon in May Also, if… View Post