Hello again gang! As most of you may know, I recently transferred my little WordPress.com blog onto bigger and better things and became Self-Hosted. Since doing this a few of my friends and readers got in contact and asked me how to go about it. First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to Holly for helping me out a huge deal! Please read her post too as she talks you through some of the steps she took in order to make A Daily Dose of Holly the amazing site it is today! In this post I… View Post

As most of you guys know, around this time last year I discovered I had developed alopecia from the medicine Topirimate! My hair was thinning and falling out at a rapid rate and I was beginning to stress over it! Luckily, my little sister is a hairdresser and she helped me in my bid to get my long healthy hair back! I have always had long, thick hair so this was a big shock to me – especially with my wedding coming up! Above is my hair just before I took the medication – November 2015 – and as you… View Post