May 8th 2017 – Auntie & Niece Day. Work dragged in today which was murder because I was absoultely knackered! 😩 but when I finished I was able to go collect Rhian from her nursery! We had to walk yo my mum’s house in the sunshine, which was great because we had some bonding time!! We went to the shop and bought some sweets for the journey but she then decided to be lazy and wanted lifted 🙄 she is far too heavy for that now haha so I convinced her to walk after my arms felt like breaking by… View Post

Apr 28th 2017 – Wedding Highlights Video I’m an absoulute buzzing to announce that our wedding highlights video is available online!! It will soon become available on Youtube but for now we have it on our brilliant Videographers website! Click the link and scroll down to “Amanda & Jamie’s Wedding Highlights” 🙂 please enjoy!!! – Our Wedding Video! Watching the video made me so happy and gutted at the same time – I want to do it all over again! 💙 It was great to see wee snippets of the day I obviously missed and it has made me sooooo excited… View Post